Piggyback Rides, by Patrick Korir

Patrick Korir- Laura Moore Mogonjet Apr 2018

Patrick writes, “I sometimes find myself longing for those [piggyback, superhero] days, if for no other reason, they represent a time when I believed my parents could protect me from everything.”

A junior (form 3) at Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya, Patrick thinks back to his childhood as he writes an essay on love. People around the world can draw a connection to his memories of being innocent and idolizing his parents, despite the hardships. His words are a reminder that we all start out craving the love and support of our parents or caregivers. Even though we grow, we become parents, and we age, we never forget the feel of their capable hands on our backs.

“Life was so simple when they propelled me forward [on the swing] like an airplane and gave me the boost to get me where I wanted to go. [Higher!] Hopefully, the memory can serve as a lasting reminder that they are always behind me in everything I do.”

Many thanks to the Moore family for donating to Lift the Lid’s Climbing for Water Project at Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya!

Patrick Korir - Parents Love - Laura Moore Mogonjet Apr 2018